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The United States does not recognize Canadian pardons

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Grounds for inadmissibility include:

  • Being sick with a communicable disease
  • Likelihood that you will become dependent on the United States welfare system
  • Criminal convictions
  • Membership in certain political parties
  • Prior unlawful presence in the United States
  • Let Us Help You Enter the United States

    If you have trouble crossing the border into the United States for any number of reasons, contact Millar & Hayes for aggressive, informative legal representation. With offices on both sides of the border we are uniquely experienced with denial of entry issues, enabling us to more comprehensively serve you with efficient legal action. Even the most complicated border problems may be able to be resolved. If you find yourself in a position where you think you may need an immigration lawyer because you have difficulty entering the United States, contact our firm to consult with our team regarding your situation.

    You may find it difficult to enter the United States if you have a foreign criminal record. Our Vancouver immigration lawyers at Millar & Hayes have over a decade of experience and can help you apply for admissibility through a pardon or a waiver, depending on your specific circumstances. As experienced U.S. immigration lawyers, Millar & Hayes Immigration Lawyers assists countless people in gaining entry into the United States.


    If you are serious about getting legal assistance a consultation is the best place to start. Spend up to a full hour with an immigration attorney to discuss the details of your case, get answers to your questions, work through complex issues and supporting documents and plan an immigration strategy for obtaining benefits.

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